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Why Use ACL for Hard Money

Let our borrowers tell you why hard money makes 'Cents' for them and why they keep returning to Atlanta Capital Lending for their hard money needs! See our interviews below.

Devon & Dimitra2.jpg

Leverage Yourself Using Hard Money

Devon and Dimitra didn't have much cash so they borrowed 90% from ACL.  But 18 months later and 15 deals along, they still use ACL for every deal.  Let them tell you why!  Click the video.

A Second Set of Eyes on Your Deal

David Moreno, with D & K Capital, likes having a lender he can trust.  It is a second set of eyes on every single deal.

But trust goes both ways.  Hard money lenders look for rehabbers that can be trusted with their investment of funds.  Learn why you want to build a relationship with a lender you trust.  




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